Miley Cyrus VMA performance

Although many people have looked down on this performance, I thought it was very strategic of Miley Cyrus to do. She has been trying to change the way people view her from being a little girl to an adult. Her performance at the VMA’s was very sexual and risqué but that’s exactly what is going to change how people view her. This marketing strategy is very efficient I think, she’s marketing herself as an adult now and I think she’s doing a good job of this.


Miley-Cyrus-on-VMAs-We-made-history Miley-Cyrus-Pictures--HOT-VMA-2013-MTV-Performance--54-560x827


Business IS Personal

Business is not only business, it never has been. Business needs to be personal, when you bring personal relationships into the business world things go smoother and everything works differently. Business is all about relationships and people, making it personal is the only way to make it work and to make your business successful. People like listening to people, not facts or just plain business.



BAD Samsung Commercial

This commercial doesn’t look authentic at all. The actors speak way too slowly, as if we were too dumb to understand them if they spoke normally, and they exaggerate their expressions way too much. I feel insulted that Samsung would even think this commerical would be a good marketing technique. It makes me feel as if they think we are dumb and it seems sexist towards the woman. 

Quizno’s “Singing Rodents” Ad

Take the time to watch this commercial that Quizno’s is trying to use to gain more customers. This advertisement makes me want to do anything other than go have a meal at Quizno’s. It is not funny, it doesn’t put the focus on where it should be (the food itself and how good they claim it is), and it is just plain annoying. This commercial did not do what the creators of it intended it to do, I can safely say it did the complete opposite. It scared their customers away!


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Heinz Ketchup Ad

I like this ad because the company (Heinz) uses it to try to prove to people how natural it’s ketchup is. They’re trying to get people to see their ketchup as all natural and without any added ingredients although this is not the case. Their ketchup contains many more ingredients besides tomatoes, including high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, etc. But just because they put this ad out there, more people are willing to believe their ketchup is all natural and some may not even bother to look at the real ingredients. They have skillfully won the trust of their clients, whether they are worthy of this trust or not. heinz_ketchup_21

PETA Human Meat ad


This ad is extreme and that’s what has made it so widely known and talked about. The ad shows that animals have the ‘same’ meat we humans have, that animals feel pain just like we do, and that it is unfair and unjustifiable to kill them for meat if we think it’s not right to kill humans for meat. The ad is powerful because of it’s extremity and because of how disturbing it is. It’s nastiness makes you notice it and listen to what they have to say.