Famous Entrepreneur Philanthropists


Famous Entrepreneur Philanthropists

This group of people has affected the world with not only their unique entrepreneurial ideas, but they have also made a great impact through their philanthropy.


Chris Dixon’s Blog


Chris Dixon’s Blog

I really enjoy his blog because he focuses on the big trends happening today and how the effect entrepreneurs. He describes them in detail and states reasons why they would affect you and I. He also blogs about how trends eventually teach people how to think and what to expect.

Chris Dixon



This website gives great tips for the aspiring entrepreneur, tips like:

-Don’t ever wait for “the perfect moment” 

-Put aside money for investing in your future business or a friend’s great idea.

-“super network” : you have to bust out of your comfort zone and make new friends, take risks, and go places where you might not know anyone.






Women really will rule the world! They’re are holding more and more leadership roles than ever before and they are doing a great job at it. Women are just as capable of holding high position jobs than men, we are finally getting the chance to prove it. These women in this link are truly amazing human being, they are the ones breaking the stereotype that women are meant to stay at home and be taken care of, they are the ones who are proving to the world that we, women, can do it! They are setting a great example to any woman out there and they give us all hope and courage of becoming the best woman we can be. 


Here are a few reasons why I’m addicted to Instagram:
1- all of my friends use it so I can see what they’re all up to
2- everyone can see what I’m doing
3- I get to take pictures and show them to all of my friends
4- you update your ‘status’ by uploading a picture or a video. No words
5- you can comment or like a picture
6- you can put effects on your pictures
7- you can tag friends on your pictures




I love this social media site because your profile explains who you are and goes deep into what type of personality you have based on what you post. You post quotes and pictures based on who you are and what you believe in. I’m going to go as far as to say that all you need to know about me is on my tumblr profile. You can reblog a post you like from a someone else and you can message people who’s profile you enjoy looking through. I love Tumblr!