Your body language shapes who you are

Your body language is a way for others to instantly get a feeling of who you are. Someone can judge you based on what your body language looks like to them, you can speak in a nice way, but if your body language doesn’t seem that way, it’s as if you were being extremely rude. Your body language matters more than the words that come out of your mouth, it shows your true personality and your real feelings. Your body language says so much more about you than anything else.

Amy (the speaker in this Ted Talk) explains how important body language is and how important it is to have a confident, alpha-type body language. It’ll define the way people view you, respect you, and understand you. Even if you don’t feel confident and you couldn’t be any more nervous about something, she advises us to FAKE IT UNTIL WE BECOME IT. To fake confidence and assurance until that is what we become.


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